Sofia is one of the most popular cities in Europe for a holiday trip and you will find it at the top of the list of a number of people who are looking for an economical and fun packed tour to some naturally beautiful places. Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria, which is situated in the eastern part of Europe. This beautiful country amazes tourists by its bedazzling beauty and a number of holiday activities that attract many visitors. Sofia being the capital is the center of culture and finance and as the international airport is located in this city, people love to land here and then stay and enjoy to explore the city. Sofia airport transfers, along with the other facilities the airport provides for its passengers, is a charm that attracts people here.

Once you have safely landed in Sofia, you do not have to miss you own car at home as there are a number of Sofia airport transfer companies working day and night for you. They will provide you with transport to your destination within your budget and your comfort is there first priority.

A large number of companies are working to transfer passengers from airport to their desired hotels and back again. These companies offer very good and reasonable packages that can cover a multitude of trips around Bulgaria allowing you to relax and take advantage of Sofia airport transfers. These transfers are usually low in cost in comparison with the usual shuttle service and more flexible. You will find the staff to be very friendly and one of them would be there waiting for you in the airport lobby with a board displaying your name on it. The driver would then take you to your desired destination and according to your request with the Sofia airport transfers company, you can use the driver for onward journeys to other parts of Bulgaria or sight-seeing trips.

Hotel Transfers

Remember to ask the management of the hotel where you are staying for information about the transfer service. There are a number of hotels that provide transfers themselves not only from airport to the hotel but also from hotel to the ski resorts in order to make your stay more comfortable.

Once you have unpacked and refreshed yourself, you can now get to the adventure and discovery part of your trip to the beautiful city of Sofia. Most of the time, visitors come during winter season to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Sofia airport transfers ensure that your stay is safe and comfortable by providing you with a guide that would take you to various locations around the country, especially the snow resorts. Talking of snow, most Sofia airport transfer providers make sure that in winter season, when there is a lot of snow around that your travel is secure and safe by using only skilled drivers and high quality vehicles.

You might be thinking why would i choose a Sofia airport transfer in the first place. For this you will need to know about all the benefits and charming offers it has for you that will not only attract you but would give you complete satisfaction during your stay in Sofia.

The Sofia airport transfers does not ask you for extra charges for a large amount of luggage. Whatever you have decided with the company, you will not be asked to pay penny more than that. Secondly you will not be bothered by being asked to pay more in case your flight has been delayed. Such things ruin all the fun of a holiday trip and Sofia airport transfers will make sure that your holiday begins well.

You would be welcomed by very friendly staff from Sofia airport transfers at the time you land and will be escorted comfortably to your destination with peace of mind. You kids will enjoy their journey too as the Sofia airport transfers offer free seats for kids so you don’t need to pay extra for babies.

The door to door Sofia airport transfers service saves you from arriving in the wrong area in an unknown city, thereby ensuring your safety as well. Dedicated staff are available 24/7 for you, to ensure you feel comfortable and secure.

The Sofia airport transfers has another advantage by offering a pickup and drop off facility 24 hours of the day. Whenever you feel refreshed and feel like exploring the city, you will be taken on a tour with the friendly driver from Sofia airport transfers.

Above all these benefits of using Sofia airport transfers is the guarantee of no hidden charges. You can feel secure in the knowledge that at the end of your journey or tour, you will not be charged for our hospitality.