Sofia airport taxi
If you admire the elegance of art and natural beauty, you must plan to enjoy a tantalizing trip to the country of beautiful landscapes, Bulgaria. Nature has blessed this country with its beauty, while the hard work and the struggle of the Bulgarian people have made it the best host for the tourists all around the world. Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, attracts a large number of people from around the globe and her people present themselves as the most humble and welcoming hosts. The Sofia airport is also a part of the warm hospitality of Sofia which provides not only comfortable air travel to travelers, but also ensures their comfort and calm throughout their stay in Sofia. After ensuring a safe flight, the Sofia airport taxi can facilitate your transfer from the airport to your desired destination.

There are several options for your travel needs in the country. The trains would take you from city to city, revealing hidden secrets of the country to you. This is an option which will allow you the opportunity to explore and admire Sofia’s beauty and culture. If you are planning to take a tour of only the city of Sofia, then the more suitable option is the Sofia airport taxi.

Although Sofia Airport taxis are always far more expensive than the bus services, many passengers prefer this form of transport for various reasons. A taxi can take you to the doorstep of your residence, hotel or place of business, which is very convenient and saves a lot of time, while buses have set stops along the way to their final destination. The bus stop may still be far from where you need to go. A journey by taxi is often quicker than a trip by bus, as it is more direct, and with no additional stops along the way. A quicker form of transport is often appreciated by business passengers with little time to spare, or even by families travelling with young children. The drivers of the taxis are generally very friendly and helpful, and can offer advice regarding hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions in the area.

Sofia Airport Taxi Rates

The typical cost for an airport taxi per kilometer is an average of 0.50 BGN per kilometer during the daytime hours and 0.70 BGN per kilometer after dark. These taxis are generally located at the west end of the arrivals area. The taxi stands are in this same location so visitors will find a line of taxis which are awaiting arrivals.

There are certain companies which are allowed to provide taxi services at the airport. In addition, these companies must meet certain regulations. The usual cost of fare from the airport to the city center is estimated at 10-12 Leva. Make sure you clarify the specific fee before getting into the taxi as it is always much harder to argue the price once the journey has been completed. If you are departing during a particularly busy traffic time, the fee may be slightly higher but it should not be a substantial difference.

Sofia Airport Taxi Companies

There are also taxi services which are available to the side of arrival areas in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The official taxi provider for the airport is OK Supertrans and they have a counter at Sofia arrivals hall and the central bus station. This company usually charges 5-7 Euros, or 10-15 Leva. However, be warned that there are individuals who fraudulently pose as drivers in the lobby of the airport. These drivers may charge 50 Euro or more for transportation to the center. Note that the price for service must be posted on the cab window stating “As of July 2011: 0.59/0.70 Leva per km.” This is an official tag and must be posted on all legitimate cabs.

The downside of hiring a taxi is always the price, and there may be extra charges added as well for various services. Travelling on Saturdays, Sundays, bank holidays or very early or late in the morning and evening is more expensive than during usual hours on weekdays. If you are in need of a taxi from Sofia city center to the airport, be sure to take a Sofia airport taxi from the exit located near the City bus station. The taxi’s in this area usually have a contract with the bus companies, are legal and offer reasonable rates. Your travel time from the airport to the city center will be approximately thirty to forty minutes. Your travel time may vary depending on traffic.

There are a number of taxi companies which will offer their taxi services for your exploration of the city. Make sure you have done your research to avoid non-registered taxi’s. Usually the Sofia airport taxi service providers will offer you with a type of “chauffeur” as well. Your driver is one individual who will save you from the tiresome task of driving, allowing you the time to enjoy the landscapes comfortably from the back seat. Your driver may also act as your guide and often, these drivers are local people with local knowledge and can show you key locations of significance so that you can enjoy your visit to Sofia.

The Sofia airport taxi service will take you anywhere you want to go in Sofia as there are plenty of activities and adventures that are worth exploring. These include the skiing and the snowboarding resorts located at the snowy hills of the beautiful city of Sofia. Being an city with many hills, Sofia charms its visitors with such activities and will keep visitors coming throughout the year to enjoy their holidays by traveling, sightseeing and enjoying their time.