Sofia Airport increases access for Disabled Passengers

Sofia Airport wants to welcome everyone even the disable passengers. A new waiting lounge was recently opened for the benefit of passengers with disabilities. This is the airport’s first ever lounge for passengers who need more help.

The said passenger is now open at the Terminal 2. It’s situated near check-in desk 1. Passengers with reduced mobility or disabilities finally have a special lounge for them. It is reserved for them so they can be more comfortable. This development happened after the Reduced Mobility Rights group visited the Sofia International airport last year and found out that accessibility and assistance for the disabled is a problem.

No dedicated lounges were provided, however the management of Sofia Airport already responded to the need. Valentina Peneva, PRM Manager of the Sofia Airport had been helpful in making sure passengers with disabilities now have their own lounge for their special needs.

“I think we have built a good house on solid foundations. We can now further improve it by promoting communication with colleagues at other airports to share experiences and identify better ways to support passengers with disabilities in the years ahead, ” exclaimed Peneva.

The PRM waiting lounge will definitely be beneficial for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Thanks to the airport management who answered to the call. Quality of service for passengers has definitely improved.