Are you planning a winter holiday to a location which would be both enjoyable and adventurous in addition to being healthy? Have you still not decided where to go this time? Are you worried about your stay and travel during your winter holiday at the desired spot? Then we are here to assist you with this issue. This time choose a trip to the beautiful Bulgaria, specifically Sofia, the magnificent capital city of Bulgaria.

Before your journey to Sofia, you will need to make sure you have booked your accommodation and travel from the airport to the city, as well as any further trips around the country you may want to enjoy. Thanks to the rapid advancement in the internet, travelers can now make most bookings beforehand. This is a stark contrast to reaching your desired destination, then being forced to make the decisions relating to your stay and travel. As soon as you land in the Sofia airport, the Sofia airport bus will be there to collect you and take you into the heart of the city.

Culturally rich history of Sofia
Sofia, Bulgaria is the largest city in and capital of Bulgaria. It is also ranked 15 in the largest cities of the European Union. Sofia has a population of 1.2 million citizens and is located in the western region of Bulgaria, it is thought to be in the center of the Balkan Peninsula.

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Reportedly, there are prehistoric settlements which have been excavated in the center of Sofia. The substructures of the town walls are dated pre-seventh century BC. Sofia’s ancient name of Serdika (aka Serdica) is derived from the Celtic tribe of serdi which has populated the area since first century BC. This city was a capital of Rome in the times of the tetrarchic government system. It was also one of the most prominent commercial areas of the Bulgarian Empire. Sofia had a population which remained small until 1879, at which time it became the capital and the population began to rise. A majority of the most well known cultural institutes, universities and businesses in Bulgaria are located in Sofia.

The airport of Sofia is approximately 6 kilometers east of Sofia. It has two terminals which are an estimated 800 meters away from each other. Terminal 1 is now accessed mostly by lower cost airlines. Terminal 2 is a new addition which was completed in December of 2006.

Airport transportation

There is a regular Sofia airport bus service which runs from the Sofia Airport to the city center of Sofia throughout the day. The cost of this transportation is 1 Lev. This public bus transport company for the Sofia Airport operates two primary buses and a smaller shuttle bus which each serve the Sofia Airport. These buses travel between Sofia airport and the university in City Center. However, these buses have different routes. Terminal 1 is serviced by Bus 84 (which goes to the Sofia University) and also Bus 30 (which travels to City Center as well as the largest residential part of Lyulin). Terminal 2 is serviced by Bus 384 and goes to the Mladost 1 Metro Station. Depending on traffic, you should reach the city within thirty to forty minutes.
The services of Sofia airport bus are available throughout the day with pickups every 20 to 30 minutes and for an estimated cost of 1 Euro. Services run from 0500-2300. Additionally, a number of the larger hotels offer shuttles to and from the airport. Travel time from the airport to the City Center is an estimated 30 minutes. As a side note, it is important to know that larger luggage items cost an additional fee.

The free shuttle bus runs between the two airport terminals. This shuttle picks up travelers at the terminals every thirty minutes throughout the day. You may also specifically request this Sofia airport bus service in the evening.

The facilities available vary depending on the terminal. Facilities for Terminal 1 include three banks (including money changing facilities), a post office, and four restaurants with bars, a business lounge, three shops and free Internet.

Available facilities for Terminal 2 include two business class lounges, seven bars and/or restaurants and eleven shops.

The airport in Sofia hosts over 3 million travelers each year. Sofia Airport is in the heart of the tourism hot spots in Bulgaria, so the airport remains quite busy and continues to grow. This airport is the primary gateway to Bulgaria.

Visitors should have little trouble navigating the city of Sofia or reaching the city center with the public Sofia airport bus services.

The Sofia airport bus service is the primary service which can be booked for you and your family when you decide to visit Sofia for your next winter holiday. The Sofia airport bus service is a very efficient means of transporting you from Sofia airport to the hotel in which you are staying. Book your next visit now!