Dalmatiаn Air launches direct Sofia – Zagreb flights

Direct flights to Sofia from Zagreb will soon be a regular route for Dalmatian Air. The Croatian carrier will operate flights every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only.

Last April, Plamen Oresharski and Zoran Milanovic , the prime ministers of Bulgaria and Croatia agreed to make the flights available.

Hopefully, these new regular flights will improve the travel industries in both countries.

It may be a private low-cost carrier but Dalmatian Air is ready to fly travelers from Sofia to Zagreb three times a week. Aside from this new route, Dalmatian Air will also offer flights to the following cities and countries: Warsaw in Poland, Vienna in Austria, Rome and Milan in

Italy, Larnac in Cyprus, Prague in the Czech Republic, and Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland.

At present, Dalmatian Air direct flights are on sale at 29.99 euros for one-way. That’s a really good deal if you frequent these cities.