Bulgarian Government to reduce airport fees

The Sofia Airport in Bulgaria will soon be improved as the government recently approved amendments to the regulations on the fees asked at the airport.
There will soon be changes on the fees collected at public airports in the Republic of Bulgaria. Those in the airports, as well as, for using any air navigation service will be required a different amount.

This development came after two years of consultation with companies benefiting from the airport facilities and services. The fees won’t increase but rather be reduced although there is no information yet as to how much the new fees will be. This reduction is expected to boost development of Sofia Airport traffic.
Sofia Airport will not only be the only one that will benefit from the amendments to the regulations. The Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport and the Plovdiv Airport will also benefit from the plan.

No mention on the specific projects but we can expect better airports in Bulgaria—Sofia, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Plovdiv Airport— serving the passengers locally and from all over the world.

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Sofia Airport receives more passengers 2014

Sofia Airport is getting busier each day. In the first half of 2014, the Bulgarian airport received 200,000 more passengers compared to last year during the same period.

The airport received a total of 1,838,148 passengers during the past H1. This number includes international passengers whose number actually increased by an impressive 11%.

The increase in number is partly due to the new flight destinations and routes connected with Sofia Airport. Frequency of flights had also increased according to the airport management.

As for the domestic flights, 71,422 passengers have travelled to the Black Sea cities of Varna and Burgas from Sofia. The numbers reflect an 8% decline from 2013.

So far in 2014, several direct flights have been added to Sofia: from Sofia Airport to Barcelona, Catania, Malmo, and Belgrade. The data also shows Bulgarian travellers’ favorite destinations are Berlin, Milan, Rome, London, and Vienna.

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Sofia Airport increases access for Disabled Passengers

Sofia Airport wants to welcome everyone even the disable passengers. A new waiting lounge was recently opened for the benefit of passengers with disabilities. This is the airport’s first ever lounge for passengers who need more help.

The said passenger is now open at the Terminal 2. It’s situated near check-in desk 1. Passengers with reduced mobility or disabilities finally have a special lounge for them. It is reserved for them so they can be more comfortable. This development happened after the Reduced Mobility Rights group visited the Sofia International airport last year and found out that accessibility and assistance for the disabled is a problem.

No dedicated lounges were provided, however the management of Sofia Airport already responded to the need. Valentina Peneva, PRM Manager of the Sofia Airport had been helpful in making sure passengers with disabilities now have their own lounge for their special needs.

“I think we have built a good house on solid foundations. We can now further improve it by promoting communication with colleagues at other airports to share experiences and identify better ways to support passengers with disabilities in the years ahead, ” exclaimed Peneva.

The PRM waiting lounge will definitely be beneficial for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. Thanks to the airport management who answered to the call. Quality of service for passengers has definitely improved.

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Dalmatiаn Air launches direct Sofia – Zagreb flights

Direct flights to Sofia from Zagreb will soon be a regular route for Dalmatian Air. The Croatian carrier will operate flights every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only.

Last April, Plamen Oresharski and Zoran Milanovic , the prime ministers of Bulgaria and Croatia agreed to make the flights available.

Hopefully, these new regular flights will improve the travel industries in both countries.

It may be a private low-cost carrier but Dalmatian Air is ready to fly travelers from Sofia to Zagreb three times a week. Aside from this new route, Dalmatian Air will also offer flights to the following cities and countries: Warsaw in Poland, Vienna in Austria, Rome and Milan in

Italy, Larnac in Cyprus, Prague in the Czech Republic, and Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland.

At present, Dalmatian Air direct flights are on sale at 29.99 euros for one-way. That’s a really good deal if you frequent these cities.

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Bulgaria expects up to 9 million tourists by 2020

Tourism in Bulgaria will soon get a boost as the Cabinet finally adopted the National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development 2030. By year 2020, the country is expected to attract about 9 million tourists each year from all over the world. By 2030, it should reach 12 million.

As a country known for its mountains, spas, and rich culture, Bulgaria has no problem reaching this goal as the country continues to improve. Its eco, wine, and religious tourism sectors make Bulgaria more attractive to foreigners. This development will soon result into the industry revenue increasing each year –up to 40 percent.

To achieve this goal, the Bulgarian government made a budget allocation of BGN 10 million to market the country as an attractive tourist spot. Bulgaria’s Deputy Minister of Economy Branimir Botev is positive about reaching this goal. The local businesses just need to be ready for the surge of foreigners. At least 100,000 workers are needed during the summer season because hotels, resorts, and other tourist destinations will be high in demand.

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Sofia Airport records 7.1% growth in serviced flights for first 5 months of 2014

A total of 3,816 carrier movements during between January and May 2014 were recorded at Bulgaria’s Sofia Airport, up 7.1% versus the same time last year, according to the airport. Scheduled flights on international routes rose 10.7%, while international airlines posted a 12.8% growth.

In May, the airport logged a total of 93 air chartered flights for tourists, which is an increase from 64 in the same period year-on-year. More than 349,000 passengers passed through the airport in the same month. Customers who booked international scheduled flights increased 10.6% year-on-year.

The airport’s Terminal 1 recorded a 22% increase in passengers last month, while a 5% growth was reported for Terminal 2. However, domestic flights were down 12% in the same period. The airport’s shipments of freight and mail items reached 1,392 tonnes, down 3.4% year-on-year.

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Vueling Airlines adds Barcelona-Sofia route

Vueling Airlines SA is expanding its service offerings to its passengers with the launch of a new regular flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Sofia, Bulgaria. The first flight from the second largest Spanish city to Bulgaria’s capital has been scheduled on May 26. Succeeding flights are expected every Monday and Thursday.

The Spanish low-cost airline company is increasingly becoming one of the busiest airlines in Europe in recent years. Founded in 2004, Vueling Airlines has become the second largest Spanish airline. Its extensive flight services allow customers with travel options among 118 destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia. Today, the airline company has a total of 82 family Airbus A320 aircraft.

Customers flying from Sofia can choose from Vueling Airlines’ travel options to various Spanish cities, most particularly Alicante, Almeria, Bilbao, Oviedo, Sevilla, Santander, San Sebastian and Spanish islands such as Tenerife and Menorca. Among the airline company’s other strategic connections include several airports in North and Central Africa. Algeria, Casablanca, Marrakech, Tangier and Dakar are some of the countries that are covered in the Vueling Airlines’ services.

Cost-efficiency and shorter travel time are major reasons behind Vueling Airlines’ policy involving flights to major airports, which sets it apart from other low cost airlines, according to the airline’s corporate website.

Bulgaria Air is presently the sole service provider for flights bound for Barcelona.

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