Sofia airport car hire service

Sofia Airport

Sofia Airport is a main gateway for tourists and visitors to Bulgaria, handling over 3 million passengers per year, and a base for airline companies such as Air Bulgaria, Wizz Air, Aeroflot and British Airways. The airportā€™s location is approximately 5 km east of Sofia city center. Although buses are frequently available from Sofia Airport, a rented car is often a better solution for transport around the city, especially for those who wish to travel to other cities in Bulgaria and visit the beach and ski resorts. Local and international car hire companies offer their services from the airport.

European countries are known for their beauty and one of them is Bulgaria. It enjoys its fame due to its beautiful landscape and eye-catching scenery. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and due to its geographical location, Sofia airport is the center of transportation for the international and intra-national tours. If you are planning to be in Bulgaria for a while, or if you plan to visit another county from Bulgaria and you are going to use the Sofia airport for this, then you will find this article helpful for you. Sofia airport facilities its passengers in every possible way and has been recently renovated in order to enhance the utility of its services for passengers. You will find these services to be high quality and satisfactory along with very helpful and friendly staff.

How to hire a car

Once you have passed through the airport and you are wondering for a ride to take and go for a visit to the beautiful city of Sofia, you will definitely want to hire a car. For this purpose you will need to contact a car rental service. For car hire Sofia airport, you will find a number of companies offering car rental services and then you can go visit the whole city very easily. They will provide you the car of any type you want according to the size of your family and your comfort level. These cars at car hire Sofia airport are for every budget and do not have any hidden charges, you can pay the deposit and use the car to tour this beautiful city.

What to do in Sofia

Now that your issue of the rental car has been solved, you will want to know what to look for when you are in Sofia. Here is a brief guide to the places you must visit and the things you must do in order to fully enjoy the feel of being in Sofia.
Sofia, being the capital city of Bulgaria and being the center of all the cultural and historical events in Bulgaria presents its visitors with a number of fascinating sites. It is a very beautiful city, with many hills and a green landscape that is especially inviting for tourists and visitors. As you enter the city, you will find eye capturing historical buildings dotted all around the beautiful city. The St Sofia Eastern Orthodox Church is not only the main attraction for the Christian community; rather the people from all religions and schools of thought enjoy visiting it for their love of architecture and art. This is all made possible for you by Car hire Sofia airport services. There are many other places in Sofia as well such as The National Ethnographic Museum which is known as one of the most visited historical places in Sofia whereas The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is famous for its massive golden dome.

Once your car rental vehicle has taken you to the inner part of the city, you will definitely enjoy its cobbled streets that present a lot more than the historical buildings. There are a lot of attractive shops in Sofia city center, many trendy boutiques, then there are antique shops offering a variety of interesting and unique items for your home or as gifts, many are reasonable priced. This all along with the car hire Sofia airport services will definitely make your tour a memorable one.

There are a number of exciting and adventurous things to do while being in Sofia. The city being hilly and with high altitudes offers a number of hill based sports that you can thoroughly enjoy. If you visit Sofia in winter season, you would love to ski and snowboard on the snowy summits of Sofia, while the summer season is more fun for hiking and trekking.

Now that you have done the sightseeing, the travelling and shopping part of your visit, you can relax and enjoy the best places to dine. The inviting smells and the mouth watering tastes of the traditional dishes of Sofia along with the low prices, make dining a perfect experience within such a relaxed environment. Above all the flexible alcohol laws in Sofia allow visitors to enjoy such a vibrant nightlife. There are different places in Sofia as well which are famous for dining on a modest budget. Some of the most recommended restaurants areas Pod Lipite and the Hadjidraganovite Kashti.

With car hire Sofia airport vehicles, you can explore the beautiful capital city and its surrounding areas. All that is needed is a comfy place to spend the night and Sofia does offer its visitors many options for all budgets.