Bulgaria expects up to 9 million tourists by 2020

Tourism in Bulgaria will soon get a boost as the Cabinet finally adopted the National Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development 2030. By year 2020, the country is expected to attract about 9 million tourists each year from all over the world. By 2030, it should reach 12 million.

As a country known for its mountains, spas, and rich culture, Bulgaria has no problem reaching this goal as the country continues to improve. Its eco, wine, and religious tourism sectors make Bulgaria more attractive to foreigners. This development will soon result into the industry revenue increasing each year –up to 40 percent.

To achieve this goal, the Bulgarian government made a budget allocation of BGN 10 million to market the country as an attractive tourist spot. Bulgaria’s Deputy Minister of Economy Branimir Botev is positive about reaching this goal. The local businesses just need to be ready for the surge of foreigners. At least 100,000 workers are needed during the summer season because hotels, resorts, and other tourist destinations will be high in demand.